Top 10 Best Data Recovery Apps For Pc

Loosing data is one of the common thing that happens with any of the Computer user. Even we sometimes delete a file or files unexpectedly. Even the set of application we have or Virus that is struck in our drives may also automate the deleting process without our Knowledge. So it will be a must thing to use data recovery apps to get back our files to our drives. So we have made a list of Top 10 data recovery apps which you can choose to recover your lost data with ease.

1.Wise Data Recovery

wise_data_recovery_free_toolsWise data recovery is one of the best software available in the internet for fast data recovery. It is also known as the fastest undelete tool in this category. It has many nice features and cool UI which makes it simple. The interface is so easy and simple that any user can easily use it. It can recover the data files from any local drives, USB drives or any other folders. It is also compatible with almost of all types of Windows operating systems. Anyway the lack of deep scan mode in this software makes this software somewhat impossible to recover all the data files sometimes.

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2.Pandora Recovery

pandora-data-recoveryPandora recovery is one of the effective software for data recovery. It also has many features to offer to the users. It has the ability to recover the deleted data files from FAT and NTFS format. The surface scan feature in this application allows you to recover hidden and even encrypted files. It also has the feature of previewing the deleted files. The interface of this application is also designed very simply with good color codes included.

3.MiniTool Partition Recovery

minitoolsMiniTool Partition Recovery help you not only to recover the small or other deleted files, it helps you even to recover your entire partition if you have deleted for any reason. This application is very specialized in data recovery with great features included. This application also generates a recovery report which will help you to understand which apps have been recovered after the data recovery.

4.Puran File Recovery

puran file recoveryPuran File Recovery application helps you to not only recover the lost data but also the damaged data. It has a quick scan mode which scans the NTPS and FAT file systems for deleted files from the recycle bin and the proceeds with the data recovery. This also works with even Windows XP. There are also two more types of scans in this application which are a deep scan and a Full scan.

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restoration-5Restoration is also one of the good software for data recovery. It has a very simple and easy to use interface. The functions in this application makes data recovery process easy. This application not only helps you to recover data from your PC/ Laptop but also recover the lost data from even your USB, memory cards and even hard disks. Though this application works fine with all types of operating system, it is somewhat buggy with Windows 8 operating system.

6.PC inspector file recovery

pc inspectorPC recovery tool has the ability to recover files of any format or extension it has. The simple search dialog box in the app helps you to locate the files by the name you know. You can even use the custom mode which helps you to scan only the areas which you are looking to scan. The recovered files can also be stored in local hard disk. The problem with this application is that, it has somewhat confusing UI.

7.Undelete 360

undeleted 360Undelete is a very user friendly software in this list among this Best Data recovery apps. It looks like a Microsoft Office application. It even works with variety of devices like digital cams, USB, Hard drives. This software allows you to recover the recently deleted files in one touch. With Undelete 360 you can even recover files of type like DOC, HTML,GIF and many more.


test diskTestDesk is the best and most used application in this list for the purpose of Data recovery. Though this software has very hard and tough functions, it make it easier for any kind of its users, whether he is a expert or newbie in data recovery. It allows its users to recover and even rebuild the boot sector. You can even fix the recovery if you have faced any errors in your previous recovery and have a damaged file with you. This software is also available for all types of Operating systems.

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recuvaRecuva is also one of the top data recovery app among the list. And this is also the most opted recovery software used world widely. This application features many functions including the superior file recovery mode which is one of the best feature of this application. The deep scan mode helps you to scan everything on your drives from the scratch. With its very user friendly and easy to use interface it is the favourite to many in recovering newly or damaged files.


photorecPhotoRec is widely used for its ability to recover the deleted data from many kind of devices including from the digital cameras and memory cards. It is also definitely the best in recovery of deleted photo and video files. The availability of this software in many platforms helps it to get more audience to use it. PhotoRec also have the ability to recover files of more than 440 file formats. It even have the advanced features like un-format and adding your own custom file.

Well these are the Top 10 Best Data Recovery Apps For Pc you will ever see. Hope you fond this interesting and useful, feel free to comment if you have any doubt regarding these applications.