Best Chrome Extensions for Social Networking Sites

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Thanks to the large number of development tools around Chrome, today we have a large variety Chrome extensions and a variety of ways to improve the use of our web browser with the addition of extensions.

In general, the majority of Internet users often engage in some of the many social networks that are available today, there are so many extensions available in chrome and Without a doubt we will refer to those that allow us to enhance our experience in social networks.

Chrome browser as we know can install all the accessories you want. So here we bring you some of the plugins for Chrome designed to optimize your social networks, even if we use several at once.Chrome extension

Facebook As Chrome Extension :

This is an extension that allows us to have easy and immediate access to notifications, news, publications of our friends in the social network, comments, as well as gives us the ability to publish and share content and update our state without having to visit the Facebook page as it is possible to publish directly from this plugin.


Basically, everything we do through the web of Facebook, we can do that now through this extension, just click on the icon that appears next to the address bar in the browser.

You can find Facebook Chrome extensions on this link.

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Notifier for Twitter :

One of the best Chrome Extensions for Twitter, as well as direct and immediate access to all the social network notifications way through the popup that unfolds from the icon located next to the browser address bar also includes the ability to display desktop notifications through the notification area toolbar.


From there we can not only find out what is happening on Twitter, but we can publish and share content, without going to the twitter page.

Find this Chrome extensions at this link.

Instagram As Chrome Extension :

With this Chrome extension you can quickly view all notices of Instagram without visiting the website of the social network. Due to this Chrome extensions we can have access to all interactions in Instagram, including comments, likes and others.

While at the moment there has support for viewing videos, the truth is that we can comment the pictures we want, answer comments which have left us and others, all from a single window that can be seen independently of the browser or on it.

You can find Instagram Chrome extensions here.

Hope you find these chrome extensions useful and interesting. Do express your views through comments.

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