Best Android And Ios Apps Of The Week

Most of our Top App series have been published based on the monthly ratings and reviews from play store and app store but this is a new series of best apps of the week which have been selected based on popular stores reviews and also some other parameters taken into consideration targeting visitors around  the world, hope you guys like it. So below are the top8 apps of the week. iPhone-6-apps

1.Scanner Pro (iOS)

Readdle-Scanner-ProReaddle, company which gave us applications like Calendars 5, Documents 5 to Spark, have nove published in the App Store a new update for Scanner Pro. In this new version (7.0), the company has introduced many new features, such as workflows and optical character recognition (OCR). With this new version, Scanner Pro is reaffirmed as the best application to scan documents from the App Store.

2.Offline Pages Pro (iOS)

screen480x480 The internet connection has become so indispensable part of modern society. However, there are certain situations where it disappears or is inefficient to visit certain websites. To solve these cases, Offline Pages Pro is one of the best applications that can be installed on your iOS. Its operation is simple, it store websites and allows access when we’re offline. The vital difference between this relatively similar solution and others like Pocket or Instapaper is Offline Pages Pro has many features that improve the final result, as to see embedded videos on the page or access the links that appear throughout the text.

3.Stack (iOS, Android)

stack-app From the creator of 2048 comes this simple and addictive game for Android and iOS. Its mechanics is very simple: just blocks positioned above its predecessor and make the tower rise as possible. The difficulty is in position it correctly, making the four corners match perfectly. Otherwise, we will lose the remaining piece and the surface will become progressively smaller. A very addictive game that could not be excluded from this selection of best apps of the week.

4.Wallet (Android)

android wallet Control costs is essential in everyday life, and for that, we leave Wallet applications like it a lot easier. This curious and interesting application for Android allows us to monitor and collect all the money movements we make in our lives. It also has a very attractive and simple user interface that works to use.

5.App Locker (Android)

App-Lock-Pattern-Lock App Locker is one of the best applications of the week has reached the Play Store. This allows block access to certain applications such as Gallery or WhatsApp, thus preventing intruders from accessing such information. However, the interesting thing is that App Locker has support for fingerprint reader, which simplifies use and exponentially improves security offered by the application.

6.Yoink (OS X)

yoink- This simple utility for OS X aims to facilitate and improve the management of files across different applications. To do this, it positions a small area on one of the sides of the screen that appears only when you drag an item. What is the function of that area? Act as an intermediary and facilitate drag & drop between applications.

7.Drawboard (Windows)

drawboard If you work frequently with PDF files and looking annotate on them, Drawboard is the application that will complement perfectly to your computer or tablet with Windows 10. Perfect for students, readers and even researchers who need to annotate often on different PDFs.

8.Touchpress (Apple TV)

us-appletv-2- If classical music is one of its pleasures, Touchpress for Apple TV will be an essential application. This software allows you to enjoy masterpieces performed by some of the world’s most popular orchestras. It also has interesting information, such as the score of each of the instruments of the orchestra or a map in which the groups of the orchestra (violins, percussion, clarinets, etc.) acting at all times is represented, giving a more complete picture of the orchestra.

Hope you guys liked this compilation of popular top8 apps of the week. Make sure you share it on to social media and let us know if you have any better app to be  added to this list.