10 Best Android Music Player Apps And Their Analysis

Music is one of the greatest artistic expressions of human beings. Internet has empowered us with the ability to create, share music and accompany by it to change our mood. Many of us can not live without it and so we stuck to our headsets. Since the advent of the first smartphones and even today, our mobile is now our “mp3”. Thanks to the evolution of these terminals(smartphones) with the advance of Android operating system, music has been considered a must on any device today.

Consequently, thousands of players to have appeared over the years, apart from the natives in Android, Ios, Windows. For that reason, today i considered to analyze the best music players for Android today, i.e. that player which gives us the greatest experience with our music, either by versatility, simplicity and price.

If you’re a music lover, whatever your style, here i leave a list of the best music players for your smartphone.

1. BlackPlayer


This is an application, perhaps little known, but very interesting. Its interface is clean, minimalist and with many configuration options as transition effects or interface themes. Navigate it is very simple, simply sliding had a song to albums and genres. You can create your own play lists and also features built-in equalizer. A very good choice and also free. Its main screen is very simple, with a system agile enough eyelashes. We can access all sections with finger slipping between them, which also serves to change songs.

Its design is customizable, you can change the font, animations and even distort the bottom of the covers. It plays multiple files, such as mp3, wav, ogg and flac files. Its five-band equalizer is with a bass amplifier. With different fonts, font several animations to choose and other attachments that allow you to make it your own, as the classic distortion effect background on the cover.

It has a very simple and quick system of tabs, among which we can easily move with the swipe of your finger, and you can access any section of the application with this simple action, from changing the song to see what you now hear.

It also has a free version and a paid, although the first is free of advertising and has almost all the options available.

2.Google Play Music

Google Play Music  is a music streaming service for Android. It is also the free music player in Android by default, so often we find it factory-installed on some terminals.

Google-Play-MusicGoogle Play Music can be used in different ways, as it has a subscription of $9.99  per month with which you can enjoy virtually all the world’s music, but you can also use it as a free storage service for your music with the cloud or as a player for your music stored in the internal memory of your phone.

Whatever the case, the player interface is the same  Google play Music features playlists, instant mixes, mixtures of random music based on your tastes and the ability to make a song with a “like” and a “do not like”, but no equalizer, but if integrated a setting that redirects you to any EQ you have installed, if need be.

Therefore, the strengths of Play Music are the most stylish interface of Google Material Design, its service free cloud storage, management and editing of your music on any computer and self-generated mixes. Still, it is not perfect, since it has no equalizer and you can not edit the information in your music from your mobile.

3.JetAudio Music Player

jetaudio-music-playerYou find a lot of features JetAudio, more than in any music player. Unfortunately, you can only use the application free for a few days, then buy the full version. Take, test all the features, and if not convince you, Buy it!

You can configure 20 options within your equalizer, as well as its graphic style is good, but sometimes seems old. It supports Pebble if you have the above smart watch.

4.Media Monkey Music Player

MediaMonkey is useful to play your favorite songs on your android. In addition, when you download free MediaMonkey you can catalog them and labelmedia monkey

The multimedia catalogers allow to organize our files, whether movies, pictures or music. Thus, they are always accessible and browsing through them is more practical and comfortable. So MediaMonkey is an audio file cataloger that will keep your music collection ordered so you can enjoy it at any time.

This audio player has the following features. Full management of your music collection with ability to manage up to 50,000 audio files.Simple editing of labels (tags) through integrated utilities.Automatically identify untagged songs or duplicate.

Sync podcasts and songs from many audio devices (portable players, mobile with support for MP3, iPhones, iPods. Ability to record, from the same application, your songs on an audio CD. Display effects to the rhythm of music. Support for many formats of audio and playlists: MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV, CDA, M3U, PLS …

5.N7player Music Player

N7player Music Player creates a unique experience when used, since it is presented as a cloud of tags or labels in which we see the song or artist. In an instant we can see all the groups we have in our repertoire.N7music player

N7player makes browsing your own library and finding music to listen to fun again. n7player is an innovative 3D mp3 and audio player available on Android. Visualize your music as a single album covers full plane. You can zoom in and out using multi-touch to see different views of your music. The main screen of the application is like an interactive cloud that can easily be explored to find your mp3 files.

Single user interface based on OpenGL, consisting of innovative album covers multi wall completely tangible. Formats Supported audio: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, aac, mkv (4.0+), flac (3.1 +) (3.1 +). It has great disadvantage, and that is not integrated radios or the ability to download podcasts. But it is certainly quite unique and worth trying.

6.Neutron Music Player

In Neutron Music Player we will find an interface that, in the opinion of some, it may be somewhat outdated over time. Although the features are not infinite, it is one of the applications to listen more solid and stable than find music.Neutron-Music-Player

Like many others, the free version is for evaluation and need to purchase the application after that time, if it is to convince us, of course.

In Neutron you will have access to all your songs rendered to ring with a truly impressive quality. In addition, you will have options as a table control to change audio settings. Bass, treble, midtones, and even the tempo of the song playing at that time, which is always fun. You can also set alarms or timers, pass the audio from stereo to mono, organize your music by folders and a large number of options that is not truly possible to cover them all in this article. Yes, it is noteworthy that Neutron supports almost any audio format from mp3 or aac to m4a. A blast.

The biggest problem has, in my view, is the design. As I explained earlier, the features are excellent. However, the quality of the interface is quite mediocre. Buttons too big, very old and poorly optimized aesthetics, etc.

The truth is that if it were not for the issue of interface, perfectly Neutron could be classified as one of the best players in the Play Store today. So you know, if you’re one of those that does not care about the visual and pay attention only to the technical characteristics, you’re taking time to download

7.PlayerPro Music Player

Another application entering directly on our list is PlayerPro Music Player. As in the previous player, we can also download and include album covers and lyrics. In addition, there are several layers and themes to change the look and extensions that allow you to customize the experience with this application.playerpro-music-player

You can edit tags of songs directly from the app, and listen to streaming media such as Last.fm and synchronize your music habits. PlayerPro comes with different options for you to change the widgets on the lock screen, many of them will give you quick access to the main functions of this player.

PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. There is also a selection of several free plugins to complement it: Skins, DSP Pack, Widgets, etc. Read reviews of the album and artist. Look, Download and save the lyrics of your songs. Import And export music history and ratings from your favorite music player desktop Songbird, Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey.

8.Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is one of the most popular music player on Android and a place in this list deserves because in addition to be very successful, it’s really good.Supported by almost all audio formats, Poweramp has more features than any other player, is possibly why payment. This player has a user interface very intuitive also be explained alone (although it also has a help option) and allows customization of topics.Poweramp music player

Although its interface is a bit dated, this player is able to offer you a seamless play, download covers for your songs, 4 different widgets for your launcher and even supports themes. Still, what stands out Poweramp is your equalizer with customizable audio profiles, bass and treble settings and even crossfading. One of the peculiarities of this application is that it will leave incorporate the cover of the disks that you want, in addition to the lyrics. Moreover, the player (compatible with many formats) also has an equalizer to adjust the audio output, and options to do so depending on whether you listen to music with speakers, headset, etc. If you still are not convinced, Poweramp has a trial version of 14 days, while its main application is worth $3.99.

9.Musixmatch Music Player

musixmatch Music PlayerOne of my favorite music applications. With 30 million users and the largest and most comprehensive of sync songs to karaoke and singing passionate official catalog “The best application 2014″ in both App Store and Google Play.”Editor’s Choice” Google Play.Enjoy your music with lyrics in perfect sync with the music! Use the equalizer for better sound or improve their discography covers adding new ones. It works as a scrobbler for almost every other music player and radio. It even supports ALAC / FLAC.

In addition to the functions that every good player must have, synchronizes the track is playing. This is great if you like to sing or know what the letter is saying. Also, if you are unable to remember a title, only to place a snippet of lyrics, shows all the matches and the ability to view the video on Youtube. Musixmatch Chromecast works with Android Wear.

10.Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle is an emerging music player that is characterized by its completely designed  with Material Design interface, although it has many more functions and features.Plain and simple, that is the philosophy of Shuttle Music Player. This application seeks the simplicity and the necessary features to comfortably listen to music, no less, no adjustments need rare to hear your favorite bands.Shuttle music player

For starters, Shuttle Music Player is able to manage your music and even taking complete internet information, whether covers, photos of artists or lyrics. Shuttle can also play music from folders of your device or by ChromeCasting for your TV.

Second, Shuttle completes its beautiful interface with support for themes, downloadable through the Play Store, and a simple and intuitive equalizer, which in turn is compatible with any equalizer installed. Finally, Shuttle also has a pro version called Shuttle +, which further extends all the features you find in its free version.

If you are someone looking for a perfect equalizer, the strangest options or to customize the most of the application, this is not an option for you, but if you only want to open the app, give the play and enjoy, Shuttle is perfect.

So this is it hope you guys found it informative and useful. If i have missed any of the best music player apps for Android, tell me about them in the comments. Also let me know which are your top 10 android music apps 🙂