Best Android Apps To Surf The Internet Anonymously

Internet security is one of the most common problem that every internet user is facing. It will be very annoying when someone is tracking all your activities that you are carrying on your browser or the website that you are using. So protecting yourself from the internet is an important thing. So to protect your privacy and anonymity on the internet you can even use a VPN with good set of features. So we have made a list of Top VPN’s available for android users. So that you can be anonymous while browsing the internet or any website on your phone.

1. InBrowser

inbrowserIf we talk about private browsers must talk about InBrowser. This browser gives you internet browsing completely anonymous. The functions are basic features this browser in a private browser but what it does, it does well. Video supports, allows downloading of multimedia content to your device and prevents the mobile versions of the pages that use it.Another advantage of this browser is its minimalist interface that facilitates its use to everyone, without having to inquire about the application to discover how it works.

Of course, this application does not store any of your data or history. It also allows you to skip blocks of network to which you’re connected. No doubt that is an interesting application and if you are looking for a private browser, you should try it. You can find it on Google Play for free.

2.Hotspot shield Free VPN proxy

hotspot shieldHotspot Shield VPN is the most trusted VPN brand with top performance on speed, stability and security. This application allows users online activities, searches and personally identifiable information to stay private. It also offers many great features like unblocking some websites and apps, getting complete protection from cyber criminals and you also hide you IP address while using this application.

3.Hola free VPN proxy

hola free vpn

This VPN gives you access to your favorite censored or blocked websites. This helps you to unblock applications and websites from around the world and can hide your IP address to browse the web privately. You can even switch the countries with ease and this application even reduces your data plan costs.

4.Hideman VPN


Hideman VPN also is one of the good VPN application available for android users. It also has the features like every other VPN’s. The features of this application include Hiding your IP address and encrypting internet data. The encryption that this app offers is 256-bit encryption. Hideman VPN allows you to use any site you need to browse with no limitations.

5.SpeedVPN Free VPN proxy

vpnSpeedVPN is also a free VPN with a premium bandwidth. You can just one click to select multi locations. It unblocks the geographically restricted VPN. The multi locations to select, even include France, Canada an United states. The other important feature of this application is that it even speeds up your network browsing. Also this app does not require any registrations.

6.SecureLine VPN

avast securelineSecureLine VPN is a VPN created from the makers of Avast. This VPN has many set of advanced features. It protects your online privacy from targeted hacks and password data theft. This application even secures your mobile connection and communications on public and open WiFi hotspots that you use. You also get private online visibility with this VPN.

7.VPN Proxy Unlimite

one touch to connect

VPN proxy unlimited is also one of the best free and secure VPN’s available. This VPN has no sessions, speed or any band width limitations. You can get into any unblocked website with a single connect button. The strong SSL encryption will make you fully anonymous and secured.

8.Flash VPN Free VPN Proxy


Flash VPN provides premium bandwidth and no connection time limitation is provided. You can use this fastest VPN server and deploy on multi locations. There is also no connection time limitations in this VPN. This application also does not need any root access and has secure VPN encryption.

9.TigerVPNs Free VPN and Proxy

tiger vpns

TigerVPN provide the best VPN and proxy solutions for all devices. This application is available not only for Android but also for iOS, Mac and Windows operating systems. The features include Super fast VPN connection and selects the fastest available proxy server on startup. This application uses the most secure encryption algorithm to protect your privacy even when you connect your device to any Wifi Connection.


cyber ghost

This application is also one of the Best and must use VPN among the list. It protects your device from data spying by website owners, advertisers and other online snoopers. Now you can connect to public Wifi hotspots without worrying that someone is going to steal your data. This application also provides you complete anonymity. This application even hides your IP address like the functionality of the other VPN’s.