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Top 4 Apps To Check Stock Prices And Financial News

Are you in some professional field, academia, who want to know the performance of your personal or just curious about some portfolios. You keep track of financial news to follow in real time quotes of all actions and world markets through your mobile. There are many applications, but sometimes need more than one application because a second complements the defects of the first. So here is a compilation of free mobile applications for Android, ios, blackberry, windows phones packed with valuable technical and social information of markets, of course, with real time updates.

1. Bloomberg Business (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)

bloomberg-appBloomberg, a company recognized worldwide for its software and hardware business, has a good overview of multi-device applications which can share data and relevant news from the financial sector. Bloomberg Business is perhaps the most useful for the general public. It is drawing attention for its design, original content, personalization followed and disaggregation of information resources.

2. StockTwits (iOS, Android)

stocktwitsAs many of us know, one of the causes of the financial market volatility is the perception which varies with wide audience, both optimistic and pessimistic. StockTwits, allows further actions of interest like other apps, it rely on the opinion of users on Twitter on specific titles and then apply sentimental analysis methodologies and know what is striking, in real time, traders and investors worldwide.

3. Portfolio (iOS)

portfolio-stocksThe elegant and classic Portfolio application interface, equipped with handy features, which make it one of the best options for further actions in general, keep abreast of relevant market movements up to push-notifications, review related news, determine the performance of importing personal portfolios from other services and receive automated reports with minimal graphics.

4. Yahoo Finance (iOS, Android)

Yahoo-FinanceYahoo Finance and its new app offers an advanced and personalized actions of interest with interactive graphical reports that up to combine data from multiple titles simultaneously monitoring actions. Of course, the extensive market knowledge by Finance enables you to display reports fast and flashy trend market conditions, the performance of the portfolio of own values ​​and as complete as updated news.

Well i hope you liked this compilation of  Top 4 Apps To Check Stock Prices And Financial News. Well some of you must be confused to use these apps so for you guys ill suggest yahoo finance app. I believe this information is quite brief and you have found it useful, it will be great if you could suggest some more apps to this list of stocks and finance  apps.