Apple touts the new 3D Touch iPhone 6s with a huge interactive table

One of the main innovations of the iPhone 6s and 6s Touch Plus is the 3D technology, which allows the device to detect the force with which we press the screen to add two new multi-touch gestures, Peek and Pop (push hard and then further tighten ), in addition to the traditional Tap (normal pulse). iOS 9 shows quite out of this feature for adding shortcuts to specific functions of the apps from the home screen, replicating a kind of Quick View and in OS X that previews from links to emails, photos or directions, turning the keyboard on a trackpad or jump to multitasking view without touching the start button.


Really useful, I guarantee, it is somewhat complex to explain in a store where customers parade without making such interactions with products. We assume that is why Apple has chosen another way to attract our attention before any approach used to give the entire talk: install a striking tables with a huge LCD panel connected to several iPhone 6s waves generated on its surface when We touch. A video is worth a thousand words so check it out.

The tables, a solid block of glass and mirrors contrast with the usual wood, and looks likely to attract clients just inside the door. Just do not run to your nearest Apple Store to try. Apparently there are only two; one in New York and one in San Francisco, although we assume that there is always the possibility that finished installing them in more stores if they cause the desired effect.