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Apple Joins Ola To Bring Apple Music To Its Passengers

The apple company is reaffirming its commitment to be in India “for the next thousand years.” According to the Los Angeles Times, Apple teamed up with Indian travel company Ola to make Apple Music available to people who are planning a trip. Apple Music, along with services from Sony, Fynd and Audio Compass, will join a platform called Ola Play, which will allow customers to control music, watch videos, read e-books and adjust the temperature in the vehicle they request.apple-joins-ola-to-bring-apple-music-to-its-passengers

To understand the magnitude of this agreement, it is important to note that currently Ola has 75% of the shared travel market in India, and after closing this announcement, the company India considers that its platform will “completely transform” the experience Of the trips of each user.

Hidden reasons behind Apple Music and its union with Ola Play

Analyst Grayson Brulte, president of Brulte and Co, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about this agreement, asserting that by adding this partnership with Apple’s participation in the company Didi Chuxing, we can note an ambitious interest to participate in the field of automobiles .apple-joins-ola-to-bring-apple-music-to-its-passengers

“Apple invested a billion dollars in the Chinese giant Didi, so he has access to all his data, and now will have access to the data of Ola users,” said Brulte. The analyst also asserts that Apple went from working with cars that drive alone, to doing so with the services and interfaces that drivers and passengers interact with, something that would not hurt.

Recall that the firm of Cupertino currently has CarPlay, an onboard entertainment system that is already present in new models of cars 2016 and 2017, so that an autonomous driving system could be a natural evolution of CarPlay.

Ola Play will be available to Ola Select customers in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, starting next week. This platform will reach other cities in that country in three months, so that the users of the service have a way to entertain along the way.