It seems that we humans  top of food chain cant still perfectly understand the zero, the real problem with zero is it is an unusual number how ever it is said that every number is unique but every one of us know zero is just a number we do not want to mess with coming to the actual problem there are two theory’s old and new



Old theory:-

the old theory says anything divided by zero is infinity

example :-1/0=

this conclusion is give by Indian Mathematician’s Brahmagupta, he arrived to this conclusion from fallowing experiment

He took a number and divided it with  number’s  near to zero

example:-   1/0.1=10 i.e there are 10 number of  0.1 in  1  so 0.1*10=1

1/0.01=100  there are 100  0.1 in  1  so 0.01*100=1

1/0.001=1000 . . .

he finally concluded that a Natural numbers is sum of  infinity fraction so when any number divided by zero all those infinity fraction come  out so he said any thing divided by zero is infinity


New theory:-

later another theory came taking the same example but negative numbers




so they concluded it as negative numbers divided by zero=-

so we got functions like

lim_{x to 0^{+}}{1over x} = +infty, lim_{x to 0^{-}}{1over x} = -infty.

how ever this all leads to confusion and does not solve  0/0

more over if  1/0=  and 8/0=   that makes 1=8  in this way it effects  uniqueness of every number  it seems   that            all numbers are same in this way and more over  is just a idea not a accurate value or anything we are close to know

so present day mathematicians to avoid all this confusion  made any thing divided by zero is undefined