Destroy Those Pigs With Angry Birds For PC

Are you confused why you can’t find a desktop version of one of the most popular games of this millennium? That’s mainly due to a trend to only release games and apps on mobile devices. But to help you overcome that technical problem we’ve put this guide together. It has some really simple and free instructions.

Angry Birds was first release as a mobile app game in 2009 by Finish games maker Rovio. It immediately went viral and the mobile game has since spread to all possible platforms. There have been several versions and special game series. And in 2016 there even was a cartoon movie released by Columbia Pictures.

The game itself is simple but highly addictive and entertaining. You can play it completely for free. But the main problem you might have with it, is that you can only play it on your smartphone or tablet. You cannot download angry birds in a version that will run on your desktop computer. But for some people that might be a more appealing idea.

If you do want to play angry birds on PC desktop or laptop computers then there is a solution that you get set up for free. On this page, you will learn the exact details of that solution, as well as what Angry Birds is about and how to get the most out of it.

As you probably can’t wait to get going with the solution we will give you the installation instructions first. Then keep reading to find out more about the game and the solution we recommend.

Angry Birds For PC Download And Installation Instructions

As it’s not possible to download Angry Birds for PC as a standalone game you have to work with an emulator. In this section, you will get the exact installation instructions you need to get set up. Within a couple of minutes, you will be ready to play. The only thing that could hold that up is a slow Internet connection.

Here’s what to do:

  1. First of all, you should download the latest Nox App Player version
  2. Once downloaded, launch the installer and follow the simple onscreen instructions
  3. When the installer is complete Nox App Player will launch automatically and ask for you Google account details
  4. Enter these so that you have instant access to Google Play Store
  5. The window that opens will look very familiar, as it looks just like your Android home screen.
  6. All that’s left is to launch Google Play and search for Angry Birds and install it.

You are now fully set up on your PC and the great thing is that you can install all your other favorite apps as well.

What Solutions Are Available?

Fortunately, there are some really clever solutions. And they will allow you to get all your favorite apps running on your computer. In this section, we will look at the two best options for this.

First of all, there is the old and trusted Bluestacks emulator. This will create an Android or iOS environment tight on your desktop computer. It will look and feel like the screen on your phone or tablet, but you use your mouse to interact with it. You can also increase the screen size by adjusting the height and width of the window it is running in.

Another newer emulator that has come out in the last 12 months is Nox App Player. In many ways, this is a better emulator as it has some really great features that allow you to tweak the hardware settings. This includes memory and processing power, so that you can make sure that it’s acting more like your phone.

Both of these emulators work very well and what you can do is install each one and then see which one you like best. The installation instructions below will give you the details along with the free installer to download.

These solutions will work perfectly well for the original version of the game and to get Angry Birds 2 for PC running.

How Do Emulators Work?

Without going into a huge amount of detail that would bore anyone but a computer programmer, you might want to know what exactly you are setting up. Essentially, emulators will create a software environment. And it launches just like any other application you have on your computer.

That environment will act like it is a smartphone or tablet. And it will have Android or iOS operating system installed. This will be a simple window that looks like the screen on your phone, for example. And you can interact with it as normal.

Once you have a mobile operating system set up you will be able to run any app you usually would. You can even use your existing account details so that you have the same set up on your computer and phone. All of this can be done in a matter of minutes. If you have ever downloaded and installed some software then you are more than qualified.

Because there is no Angry Birds PC download option available you will have to work with emulators. But don’t be afraid, you won’t need some sort of advanced degree in IT. The instructions section above helps you through the process in a matter of minutes.

What Is Angry Birds About?

It has been such a success that it’s now not just a game. It is an entire franchise industry You can buy merchandise, paid game features and even watch a very funny movie. But the game is where it all started and if you have ever tried it out, then you know exactly how much fun it is.

Essentially, your task is to help a group of birds to overcome evil pigs. The pigs are setting up different structures and invading your space. Your peaceful life on a quiet island has come to an end, and now you have to do your best to get rid of them.

This is achieved by using a slingshot like device to catapult different birds towards ever more elaborate structures. In the early stages, you see just simple wooden buildings which are home to a few pigs of different shapes and sizes. Your aim to make sure you pop all the pigs in each level with as few shots as possible.

This might sound very simple and boring, but the game developers have put a lot of thought into it. Each level is different and more complicated as you progress.

The one downside of the game is that it’s only available as a mobile app. And some people may have difficulty with using touch screens. Or you simply prefer the larger screen resolutions on a regular computer.

With Angry Birds for PC not being available as its own installer you will have to resort to some clever, and free, emulator tools.

How Do You Play Angry Birds?

If you have never played the game then the best thing you can do is get it installed and enjoy some really great fun. Nothing will help you more in getting used to the action than getting some game time. But for some simple game instructions, keep reading this section so you understand what to do.

As already mentioned in each level you will see a different game scene where pigs have built different types of structures. Within and around these structures you will see different types of pigs. And you aim to take out the structures and the pigs as well.

You do this by using the giant slingshot at the very left of the game screen. You can load the slingshot with different types of birds. You pull back the slingshot and adjust the angle to try and make the best possible impact on the pigs.

Each of the birds you have available will have some very different powers and actions. The small red ones can just be fired at a target and they don’t do too much. Then you’ll see small yellow ones that almost look like a triangle. Once these are airborne, you can touch/click the screen a second time and they will increase speed and force.

Then there are birds that can lay explosive eggs that can cause a huge amount of damage when they are placed in strategic locations. No matter what bird you have available. It’s important to try and figure out how they can do the most amount of damage.

The less times you have to fire a bird to get rid of all the pigs, the more points you will score. At the end of each level you will see your total score and how that translates into a number of stars. If you don’t get rid of all pigs, then you cannot proceed to the next level.

As the levels progress you will find that the structures become more complex and the pigs have some good defenses. It will become really difficult and often seem impossible. But with more practice and experience you will be able to figure out the week points.

But with such a great game that has been downloaded millions of times why is there no Angry Birds game download for PC? To help with that question, let’s take a look at what platforms are available.

What Platforms Is Angry Birds Available For?

As already mentioned the game is only available on mobile operating systems. That means iOS, Windows Phone and Android, allowing for game time on the vast majority of smartphones and tablets. There are several versions of the game and depending on whether you are searching on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows mobile, you will see slightly different versions.

Newest versions are usually released on iOS first, as that covers the largest portion of users. But usually within a few weeks or months you’ll see the same versions appear on other platforms.

Where you won’t see it though is as a desktop app. Angry Birds for Windows or Mac has never been released and this is probably not likely to happen. You might wonder why you would want to install Angry Birds on PC computers. To help with that, just check out the next section.

Why Would You Want To Have It On Your PC?

There are a couple of very good reasons to have any of your favorite mobile apps running on your desktop PC. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best reasons, that you might not have thought of before.

First of all, some people might struggle with touch controls for usability reasons. If you have any limiting mobility in your hands or fingers then smartphones or tablets might not be the best option. But there are many mouse like devices that are easier to use in such situations.

Also, even on larger phones the screen size is pretty limited. If you are struggling to see what’s actually going on, then you might be better off with a larger resolution like you have on a laptop or desktop. But even if your eye sight is fine, you can get a huge advantage by looking at a game or app on a large screen. You will have a lot more detail to see and that can give you an advantage as well.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time on your computer then it can be annoying and inconvenient to switch to your phone every time you want to play a game or launch an app. It’s so much handier to have everything on one screen where you can simply switch to another window. Mobile apps are great for when you are out and about, but when you sit at a computer it’s not always the case.

Keep reading the next sections to find out how to get the Angry Birds game for PC.


You now have all the info you need to get your Angry Birds games free download working today. With a relatively small piece of software that is completely free to download you can be up and running in minutes. Once you have tried out both of the emulators mentioned above you can then try them out and pick the one that works best for you.

Then you are ready to install all the apps you have on your phone, to be able to enjoy them on a larger screen without taking up tons of space.