Google Plans To Replace Passwords With Trust Scores For Android

In recent weeks we have lived countless leaks of our passwords. A hacker has now sold thousands of LinkedIn accounts containing our email and password, but recently also suffered a security breach in Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Here’s how passwords seem to be having the worst time in history, thus becoming a black point of technology.

Google has long been working on eliminating passwords, and actually have a project created for this: “Abacus”. An initiative which will try to change our passwords by a system of assessment of our patterns of behavior or our location.

It is recalled that normally we have a system in which we identify ourself in two steps, in addition to classic username and password we are usually asked something else. For example, they may be sending us a key to our mobile phone. But this could be relieved by Abacus Project being prepared by Google, which recently named Trust API and could reach application developers later this year, if the tests are satisfactory.


What is the Abacus Project (now called Trust API)?

The Abacus Project has evolved, and the Google I/O have presented it under the name Trust API. The intention is that previously mentioned, forget passwords as they assess other actions as identification. A technology that is known for Android, since it has been used in Smartlock.

  • What it will do is identify various patterns, from our location, from the face, through the voice, fingerprint or how to write. Through Artificial Intelligence certify that we are and not someone else, thus drawing up a profile of authenticity.trust_score
  • As we are using our phone, it will be taking information through sensors, developing a profile with a score. Bringing to access an application, we will have to certify a minimum score. For example, if we want to access the bank account, surely we would request information from our face and banking

It is expected to begin in June to be tested with various financial institutions, and if everything is satisfactory, the intention of Google is that by year end the Trust API developers have to implement it in their applications. Bringing it in, we could enjoy our smartphones without passwords.

It is recalled that Android has a technology called Smartlock, which unlocks the terminal when at a certain location (eg WiFi from our house), or recognizing our face, fingerprint and others. Trust API now go even a little further, collecting information for what they believe Trust Score .

Isn’t it really cool to have our smartphones without passwords yet secured :D. Hope they will come up with this as soon as possible. I believe you liked this article and make sure you share the info on social media.

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