infiltr – An Image Filter App Review

infiltr – an amazing image filter app available for your iPhone

iOS image filter app review

Have you been searching for a more versatile image filter app? How much better would it be to add your filter before you take your next Instagram pic? Then here is the best solution for you – The Infltr app is one of the best apps in app store when it comes to filter your snaps as you wanted. You may have tried maximum of 100 – 1000 filters in a single app but this iOS image filtering app contains more than 5 million filters. It seems to be a challenge that you might reach your mood limit but this app’s nearly infinite filters seems to be never ending. This app contains a large color spectrum which allows user to try out the various color filters each time they take a new shot. Because of this color spectrum users can experience more than 5 million filters.


In this iOS image filter app each and every filter has its own uniqueness. You may have tried after effects on photos or may have applied filters after the snaps were captured but this iOS app will allows you to have the real time experience of filters while capturing the images. Means you can first select your desired filter and have the live view of that filter and then take the shot so the selected filter will be applied on the image automatically, which makes the snap more beauteous. Or you can also just filter the photos in your camera roll. The choice and the creativity is only yours.

Moreover you don’t have to do a lot in menus or settings to change the filter, the developers made it very easy for you to use. You just have to swipe your finger on the screen and new filter will be applied to the screen instantly. When you are about to swipe and having contact with the screen the tiny bubble appears under your finger tip which will show the small preview of the next color. By the help of this exact preview you can decide whether to go for that filter or not. And when you will find the attractive one or the one you are looking for your current story you can easily click and save that snap. Also by the single tap on the screen the camera mode will become more focused. If you pinch in and pinch out you will have the the zoom in and zoom out facility. It also gives you various options to share your snaps to your social media accounts. Also you can share pictures via email or text. By the Apple’s messaging app iMessage, you can easily send photos to your friends. This amazing app also comes up with more than 25 languages which makes this app much user friendly for its user’s all over the world.

The magic of this app doesn’t stops here. Now you can easily filter even your videos. Yes, this is true. Your panoramic and DSLR shots in HD will not lose any resolutions. The Infltr is the only app which gives you this opportunity and makes your screen experience like never before. Doesn’t it seems to be a dream come true by having all these features on the palm of your hand and having a whole new experience just by your single swipe.

If you are a kind of phone photographer who wants more control over image edits than you must try this app. You will enjoy the charismatic features of this app and the vast range of more than 5 million  filters will explores your photographing creativity and surely will plays an important role in developing your unique and creative vision of photography. In photography terms you will have filter, focus, exposure and much more on your iphone with a simple user friendly behavior of this app. It will surely make your photographing experience more easy and joyful. Furthermore, if you want to experience all these features on a bigger screen as compared to your iphone than don’t worry, this app is available for iPad also. It works smoothly and efficiently on iPad also.


Infiltr is available in the app store for only $0.99 (USD) This is a discounted offer for a limited time so don’t wait and download this app now.

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By doing this you will avail the limited time offer and will be able to experience the latest version of this app which is much more fascinating than the previous versions because a lot more is added to the newer version as per keeping in notice of the user’s demands and their likings.