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All New Android Lollipop Features that you Should Know

Google announced the update for Android 5.1 Lollipop which has come up with some improvements and new features. Although that stood out above all was the MultiSIM, Device Protection or support HD Voice, the reality is that there are many small changes that greatly enhance the operating system. So here we bring you the full list of small innovations of the new version.


Without further delay, let’s go over everything that is new and we can start enjoying now in the Nexus and soon other devices:

New Android Lollipop Features

Improvements to fix screen.

The function setting screen allows view can not change once it has been activated, especially useful for providing the phone to children or others. Now is better explained and detailed how to activate and deactivate the function.

screen-pinning android5.1

The  silent mode :

The lack of a silent mode on Android 5 Lollipop has been quite controversial among users, while some manufacturers have added in their layers of personalization. In the new update continue without this mode but there have been some improvements.

silent mode

  • Priority icons or Nothing appear in a selection window, making it easier to understand what they mean. Shown in the previous animation.
  • Nothing mode now displays notifications and LED notification but no alarms.
  • Priority mode is adapted can specify time or “until the next alarm”
  • Change system volume while listening to a song.

volume settings

Connect to a WiFi network from quick adjustments

From quick adjustments we will be able to connect directly to a WiFi or Bluetooth network without need to enter Settings. Thus the process is simplified to connect to a particular network. The following image is best viewed this development.


New and cool animations

The Android 5.1 operating system Lollipop comes fraught with new animations, of which we’ll use most as realizing the most common functions. Some we see the mode of Auto-rotate screen.

android 5.1 animations

O clock in implementing its new animated icons:


New icon Android Beam

The update also brings a new icon for Android Beam, which happens to appear full body and head only see in the new version:


A color for each SIM

This change will be particularly welcomed by those with terminal Dualsim and now calls the application will change color according to the SIM of which we are accessing. It can be seen perfectly in this video.

Performance enhancements & fixes

The memory bug has been fixed in the same way that better speed terminals that have already been enjoying the update is appreciated

Other changes

The latest operating system from Google incorporates new features such as Device Protection locks your device and prevents it from being restored as a security measure, but it is only available for now to Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. Also, just to Nexus 6, we stand for HD voice, something that will enable operators progressively. Finally, support for Multi SIM is another new version.

These are the changes we see in Android 5.1 Lollipop but the reality is they are corrected, improved or added up to 14,000 different things.