AceDeceiver : A Malware Threat To iOS From PC

AceDeceiver is a virus that can infect the iPhone and iPad. It is the name of a malware (malicious software) that is infecting several Apple devices. As reported by the web Palo Alto Networks, the main threat of this virus is that not only affects the iPhone and iPad have received jailbreak-action that can remove limitations of the system, but all kinds of terminals.

ios virus

This malware acts when the user connects your iPhone or iPad to the computer desktop. The attacker enters the PC Internet connection from iTunes to create a malicious application that infects the portable device when connected to the computer. This app harmful camouflaged under the guise of a tool for wallpapers that, as shown in its configuration, the user believed to have previously downloaded. AceDeceiver thus exploits a vulnerability in the system permits Apple FairPlay. The company Apple has already removed the malicious application from the App Store.

Although so far this malware has infected only those devices that connect from China, it is not excluded that runs AceDeceiver spread to Western countries. This virus binds to other similar advantage a vulnerability in the iOS system, so Apple recommends keeping iPhone and iPad always updated with the latest version.