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Facebook Congratulated Users For 46 Years Of Friendship, Even Before It Is 11 Years


The world’s most connected and super growing social media website Facebook congratulated its users. Congratulating the user is fine thing, but the problem is that, this social networking site congratulated the Facebook users for their 46 years of friendship. But still the Facebook is not even 11 years older.

This was reported first by Verge as ” Facebook is not even 11-years-old and have sent users congratulations for 46 years of friendship with Facebook, and even some users who got this message where not even 40 years.” and this was reported on Friday.

fb bug

When Facebook came to know about this, they reported that ‘ this was an unidentified bug that made this happen and the team is working and fixing it now, so every one can feel young again in 2016’.

Many Tech experts claim that the reason for this bug is due to Unix epoch, But Facebook still did not confirm this. Even this is the reason for some gadgets to switch the date automatically to December 31, 1969.