9 Reasons Why Propellerads Is Best Alternative To Google Adsense


There are many projects that try to make a place every year in the world of web advertising, Propellerads is an advertising network whose domain with onclickads.net ads, is among the top 35 most visited areas in the world according to Alexa. How does it work ?, is it worth? … Here are 10 questions with answers that show very clearly that will make you try Propellerads.


1. What is Propellerads?

It is an advertising network, created in 2011, already offers more than 650 million daily impressions from both desktop and mobile. It is headquartered in the UK, and monetize 100% of the traffic, regardless of origin.

It offers large inventory of ads for both desktop and mobile, 100% “fill rate” for all countries. Pay for each visitor to any country in the world, being free and simple registration with immediate approval of the web site and 24 hour support. Advertising campaigns can be managed manually or let a manager take care of our own.

2. How is it different from Google Adsense?

You can not directly compare Propellerads with Google AdSense. AdSense is a totally different than Propellerads platform.If you are in a niche where there is much traffic, you can earn more with adsense, but works in an industry that generates many visits and where a very low CTR with Adsense is obtained, you can get more with Propellerads.

For example, if a site receives less than 1,000 visitors per day, Propellerads not give good results, because it is good for high traffic sites and are ready to work with onclick pop-under, they can get good yield.

3. In which countries is more successful ?, it is suitable for websites in India?

Countries that generate higher CPM are the US, Canada, UK and Australia, although it is perfectly monetize any language, from any country.Propellerads always works with CPM, and try to always have the highest possible international CPM. No pay per click ad and if per 1000 impressions generated, and this is the main difference with Google adsense.

Automatically optimizes campaigns for better investment return rates and CPM, with rates ranging from $ 0.25 to $ 10, depending on the type of ad and location.

Propellerads works with eCPM “effective CPM,” so in countries like the US, UK and Canada can reach the $ 5- $ 7 / eCPM. In the case of China, a country where it is difficult to make money with printing, you can reach the $ 0.7 CPM, but you win with visitors from any country (Nigeria, South Africa, etc.).

Here you can see some results:

propellerads-alternative to google adsence

propellerads-alternative to google adsence2

propellerads-alternative to google adsence3

4. How many campaigns are currently working with propellerads?

Currently they are working with more than 3,000 active advertising campaigns, and has many publishers ranked in the top 100 Alexa. Among the advertisers in the finance industry, gaming, gambling, entertainment, eCommerce and Software, as Matomy, medi8, Lightinthebox, etc.

5. How are payments distributed?

Propellerads keeps 20% of profits, with the remaining 80% to the publisher. It is paid after 30 days, and you may receive the money by bank transfer or Payoneer. The minimum payment is $ 100 for Payoneer payments and 500 for wire transfers. In fact it is now possible to get an extra $ 50 to receive the first 100 Propellerads.

6. What formats Propellerads works?

Banner ads, interstitial Mobile, overlay, sliders, sponsored links, ads full screen (Onclick ads) … there is a wide range, all detailed on their website.

Most popular formats in Propellerads

Pop-Under :

Pop-under opens a browser window behind the main. This is an ad in full-screen fills the new tab. The visitor does not have to click on any banner, as the window opens automatically when you load the page. The cpm in these cases is usually always greater than $ 1. captura-213

Onclick ads:

Ads that open to receive user click. You can get 200% more revenue than other options, reaching $ 10 cpm. It does not affect search engine rankings.

7. Work also with mobile?

Yes, advertising is clearly visible on mobile devices there are several formats available for mobile, in fact interstitials ads show an ad in full screen on the mobile user devices, specially designed for these devices.

propellerads-alternative to google adsence4

The integration is very simple, and related advertisers, ensuring CPMs that can easily reach $ 7 ads will be displayed. Ideal for sites created for mobile. Advertisers can display interstitial ads, among others, within the mobile readers.

8. Can be used in conjunction with other ads on the same website?

Yes,technically there is no incompatibility or contractually, in making it possible to mix ads with those generated by other platforms. It can be used perfectly with Google adsense.

9. Where can i get more information about this?

In propellerads.com more information can be obtained, as well as Youtube channel, which describes the different types of ads.

As you see, it is one of the best options to replace Google Adsense so as to work simultaneously with both platforms.