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9 Best PDF editors To Edit, Join, Split, Transform And Sign PDFs

The PDF documents circulate on the web constantly everywhere. We can open them virtually from any device, it is very difficult to edit without a trace and ensure that what was in the original document is displayed unchanged, something that rarely happens when we work with odt, doc and other “editable formats.”

This popularity makes it necessary to know tools that help you work with this format, either to separate the pages into separate documents to sign, to create or to make minor edits.


Here Are My Collection of Best 10 Tools:

  1. Pdfmerge.com and pdfjoin.com: To join multiple PDFs into one.
  2. Pdfprotect.net: To add to our PDF password.
  3. Formswift.com: Helps create, edit and digitally sign PDF documents.
  4. Cudasign.com: Excellent option to sign PDF documents and keep track of everything already signed.
  5. Pdfescape.com: Allows you to make minor edits in PDF documents
  6. Smallpdf.com and ilovepdf.com: Compress PDF, the format changes (performs content recognition), eliminates passwords, can join multiple PDFs into one and separated PDFs into separate files (separate pages). They are two SUV in its category
  7. Icecreamapps.com: Convert PDFs into other formats and helps gathers several pages. In this case it is not a web application must be installed on Windows or Mac.
  8. Pdfsam.org: Solution to attach and detach open source PDF files
  9. Freepdfconvert.com: To transform a PDF file into multiple images, each image representing a page.

    It is only a small subset of the huge number of existing applications in this category but encompasses virtually everything that can be done with this file type.