8 Most Damaging Viruses In History

Throughout history, many viruses have done much harm to thousands of users and companies around the world. So i was searching for the most damaging viruses and these are some of the most damaging viruses in the history of Internet.

Internet has changed much since its origins from the community, which has become globalized far to its content, which has expanded in large numbers, to how we use or which devices we use. However, one thing leads on the Internet almost since its inception and until today, sadly, has not disappeared: the virus.

The first connection between two computer via Internet was in 1969, and the first computer virus called Creeper infected a series IBM 360 in 1972. But although the virus existed as early date, it was not until 1984 that were named, and it was also about this time that they began to become a real scourge on the Internet.

The most harmful virus

From then until now the virus is still spreading around the WWW, by mail or otherwise. These are some of the viruses that have caused more damage to devices worldwide.

Morris worm (1988)

virus-1Morris Worm was a virus that affected 6000 of at that time only 60,000 computers connected to the network, even to completely disable some of them. The origin of the Morris Worm was, according to its creator, entirely accidental, this caused 96 million dollars in damages and consequently responsible, Robert Tappan Morris, was sentenced to 400 hours of community service and three years probation .

Melissa (1999)

MelissaMelissa was one of the first virus that caused havoc based trick users into voluntarily opened. Melissa spread via Outlook and was within a file called List.doc where in theory there were 80 passwords to access porn sites. When you opened the file, it is automatically forwarded it to the first 50 people in your contact list. After going to infect all Word files of the system.

I Love You (2000)

virus-2Like Melissa, ILoveYou spread via mail automatically when a file that was supposed to be a love letter to the receiver open. Once opened, eliminating all .jpg files from the computer in question. The virus affected 50 million devices and caused losses of 5.5 billion dollars.

SQL Slammer (2003)

virus-3SQL Slammer is known that dramatically slowed Internet traffic. To spread, this virus is installed on a computer that was sent to random IPs to find a computer without a security patch that Microsoft distributed to cover a buffer overflow vulnerability; from there still he is sent. In addition to causing extensive damage, SQL Slammer is also an exceptional piece of code, since it did not hold even 700 characters.

Blaster (2003)

LovSanAlso known as LovSan or MSBlast, this virus took advantage of a security hole in Windows 2000 and Windows XP that caused infected computers repeatedly resumed and show the following message: I just want to say LOVE YOU SAN.

Mydoom (2004)

virus-4Mydoom is known because it was the fastest-spreading virus in history; This was so rapid and massive Internet traffic was reduced by 10% at fault. Mydoom created a backdoor in infected computers that allowed control the computer remotely.

Stuxnet (2009-2010)

virus-7This virus was created in the first place by the governments of the US and Israel as a weapon to attack nuclear facilities in Iran. However, they lost control of their spread and ended up affecting more than 100,000 computers, including even some in the United States. Curious, no?

Flame (2012)

sKyWIper-676x440Also it called sKyWIper, like Stuxnet was created primarily as a weapon of war and espionage, although its origin is unknown. It affected countries shown in the map above. He was able to record audio, take screenshots, keystrokes and track network traffic, record Skype conversations and even take control of Bluetooth devices around also spying. According to many, it is the most capable and dangerous virus that has ever been created.