4 Ways Create Your Own Run Commands in Windows 7,8,8.1

Run command was first introduced with windows 98 and this command line has been a real time saver. This article is for people who hate using the mouse to point and click a shortcut on the start menu. WIN+R are probably the two most over used keys on your keyboard some of us even have a doubt on how this run command works so i did some research and this is the exact order how the commands are resolved.

  • The current working directory
  • The Windows directory ( sub-directories are not searched)
  • The WindowsSystem32 directory
  • Then directories listed in the PATH environment variable
  • Lastly the App Paths registry key

Now i will focus on how to customize & add new commands so I do not have to type as much.

4 Ways to Create RUN commands :

1.simplest way  

  • create a shortcut of the application or program.
  • Rename it to say, xyz and place this shortcut in the Windows folder.
  • Now type xyz in start search box and hit Enter, and you will see the xyz app start!
  • To reconfirm, open the Run box and type xyz and hit enter.

simple isn’t it.

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2. Using Registry Editor

  • Open regedit and navigate to the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp Paths
  • In the left panel, right click this tools Path key and choose New > Key.
  • Name it as you wish here i am taking the example as  xyz.exe .
  • And remember don’t forget to add the file types.


  • Now in the right panel, double click on the Default string value and in the Value and in the box which opens, enter the path of the executable ie C:Program FilesXYZv1.0Ultimate Windows XYZ.exe. My Windows 7 is installed in C drive; hence shows ‘C’ here.
  • Again in the right side, empty spot, right click > select New > String Value. Name the key as Path. Double click and give it the value as the folder path, ie in this example: C:Program FilesXYZv1.0
  • Exit regedit.Now type xyz in Start Search Box (or the Run box) and hit Enter, and you will see the XYZ start! You can start any file type this way.

Disclaimer: Modifying the registry can cause serious problems that may require you to re-install your operating system. I cannot guarantee the problems resulting from modifications to the registry can be solved.Use the information provided at your own risk.


3.Using Add to run app :

  • AddToRun is a FREE to use utility which will allow you to run or open any file or application from start menu run command prompt (which open up when you press Window Key + R ).
  • get Addtorun from here



  • It has a very easy and simple user interface which will allow you to select a file or application shortcut and define friendly name with which you can run the application from run prompt.

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4.By Changing the environment variables

  • Open you System Drive and create a folder, named say, C:myrun.
  • Now right click on Computer folder and open its Properties


  • Select Advanced System Protection  > Environment Variables. In the lower half, double click on the ‘Path‘ System variable.
  • At the end of the variable value, add the following:” ;c:myrun; “. If your Windows is on ‘e‘ drive, make sure you write e instead of c.
  • Click OK. Exit.
  • Now create a shortcut to any application and give it a short simple name. You will be able to run it through the start box.

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