Googles First Ubiquity Summit In January 2016

google ubiquity

Google in January 2016 is going to held its first Ubiquity congress , which will be devoted to the Internet of things.
Google will hold its first Ubiquity congress on 11 and 12 January 2016 in San Francisco (United States). This conference will be devoted exclusively to the Internet of things, the technology for which all appliances are connected with each other and with the network to provide real-time data.

This meeting is organized by the Google Developers division and, during his two-day, there will be conferences and workshops on all platforms finder Internet-related things, such as Brightness, Android Wear, Beacons or Project Tango (technology that lets you create three-dimensional maps of the environment with mobile devices). The developer event for Ubiquitous Computing and IoT covering Brillo, Weave, Android Wear, Beacons, Google Cast, Android TV, and Android Auto. The event features an extensive list of speakers, most of whom are engineers and developers of Google. Attendance at the conference is free, but requires registration and all events held can be seen live via streaming through the official website and on Google+ and Twitter.

With dedicated to the Internet of Things conference, the Mountain View show that this technology that have worked time through various projects are taken seriously. The search engine has other exclusive meetings Chrome or Android that offer a closer and more detailed experience the developers conference Google I/O.