Flash Ends A Catastrophic Year With An Emergency Patch

In a time when many experts have predicted the imminent death of Adobe Flash. It still somehow survived 2015, the software puts the final touch in 2015 with an emergency patch that tries to address new errors.

Thus, the company has released an update that seeks to avoid a series of “critical vulnerabilities” including an exploit being used in “limited and targeted attacks” and this certainly adds to the 316 vulnerabilities accounted this year making this year worst year ever for flash. The company does not even dare to say whether it will be the last.

An unhappy ending for Flash :


They dare to comment that “And although we like to say that this is the last security flaw found in Flash this year, really, that’s not a sure bet”. A statement that does not surprise us after that, in early December, Adobe decided to distance themself from their own “creation” to encourage developers and saying that it will now “encourage content creators to build with new web standards.

Specifically, the rejuvenated addresses 19 problems including some that could allow remote code execution on affected systems and similar thisgs. Some drawbacks, those pages (especially the government) who are still reluctant to use this obsolete technology should alleviate downloading the latest version of the tool.

In January, YouTube dropped the bug-ridden software in favor of HTML5 to handle its video, and in July, Facebook’s chief security officer asked for an “end-of-life date for Flash.’ That same month, Mozilla blocked the once ubiquitous plugin in its Firefox browser,Other companies that have not made it easy for the software during this year have been Amazon, which has stopped accepting advertising in this format, and Google which locks in their Browsers. In addition, some security experts bloggers recommend directly, get rid of it completely.