Japan Police Started Antidrones With Nets To Trap Unauthorized Drones


In the recent years market for drones have grown rapidly and gives a variety of drones with affordable to costly ones. There are few who buy drones just to make mischief, like to fly in private spaces without authorization and on stages crowded which can be a danger to passersby, or just to skip the recent regulations that each region takes to such artifacts.

Well, the Tokyo Police Department is working on an interesting solution, to have a antidrones squad. These, large and professional teams will capture the unauthorized drones with large net which has been fixed lower to the drone to capture the unauthorized drone. The idea is to have squad patrolling in areas where it is banned from flying drones.First the suspicious drones will be warned to to revoke the flight, still if the actions remain same they will be captured by the interceptor

PopScience listed in that the method is not new, South Korea uses this to prevent for possible North Korean attack drones, but this appears to be the first official application in metropolitan areas. Yes, it will be a sight to see such police chases.

Check out the video on how antidrone squad works :

The drone fly over 150 meters, weighing more than 200 grams and transit on urban densely populated areas, particularly, almost all of Tokyo, are some of the offenses set forth in the Japanese law governing the handling of drones with fines around of $ 4,000 for violators