Search Gmail Directly From The Chrome Search Bar

The email service of Google, Gmail has already spread so that most of us now have multiple accounts that we have used for years and where we have stored a lot of information.

gmailsearch_using chromebar
Most of us have multiple email accounts, we access and further handle them daily, in fact in many cases it may be one of the most used tools in both our PC and mobile devices. It is possible that many times we had to search for specific emails or specific data we have stored in the email. For this Gmail has a powerful search system for these tasks are as fast and accurate as possible.

Well, then i will show you a system to search for data in our accounts Google mail service with more ease, since we can perform directly from the Chrome browser bar. As many people already know, it is common for Internet browsers to give users the option to configure to search engines they like, So does the Chrome browser. If we agree to its setting, in particular to the Manage search engines option, we will face a list of all the predefined and default ones and can select.

Chrome Settings :

However in this case we see the need to create a new custom search engine. To do this we must go down to the end of the list to manage search engines tab.
note : if you cant find it just type ” manage search engines ” in the search box.
where three text fields are placed.

  • In the first one, Write a motor, type out “Gmail”
  • In the second, Keyword, type “gm”
  • And finally put the URL address “ s “; all without quotes.

chrome settings

Once the changes are done, we accept everything by clickinng on done so that they are saved and from that point we no longer have to access the email service to search for emails on our own, as this is something that can perform directly from the Chrome bar. To do this, before writing the keywords you want to find the mail, you type the letters gm and press the space bar.

No doubt this simple trick that takes a couple of minutes in realizing it, we save a lot of time in the future, especially for those who use Gmail mail almost continuously.