2019 Apple iPhone 7 Review

Apple iPhone 7 Review 2019

There’s one simple reason every product launch of Apple has become a media event. The technology- mad public loves Apple and everything the company puts out to market. Apple seems to be impervious to controversy. The news that the headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has been removed did not affect industry buzz.

In truth, had the Apple iPhone 7 been released last year instead of the iPhone 6 Plus it would have been the unanimous, industry-wide, runaway winner of smartphone of the year.

The cosmetic changes including the removal of the headphone jack would have been seen as daring and innovative. Loyal patrons of Apple would have had a waterproof smartphone with dual speakers, brighter and more colorful screen. Definitely more value for a iPhone 6S that was upgraded with just a 3D Touch Screen.

But Apple is not an industry mover and shaker for nothing. It plays risks; gambles and yet everything it does pays off.

Apple iPhone 7 Review 2017

So will the gamble with the Apple iPhone 7 payoff?


On first glance, the iPhone 7 looks just like the iPhone 6. However, upon closer inspection, you will note a few cosmetic changes.

  • Water-resistant- Not completely; the iPhone 7 is water- resistant up to a meter of water for no more than 30 minutes. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 have better water-resistance features but this is definitely an improvement and a step in the right direction.
  • Antenna lines- The antenna lines on the back of the iPhone 7 have been re-designed to merge well with the matte black and glossy jet black models.
  • Camera – The camera bump has been somewhat enlarged and purposely curved into the rear casing which gives the iPhone 7 a more elegant look.

The matte black finish certainly adds a sleek look to the iPhone 7 but as with most Apple iPhone 7 reviews, the primary complaint is that it makes smudges more visible and is easily susceptible to scratches.


The new home button of the iPhone 7 functions like the track pads of the newer Mac Books. It’s pretty solid and does not move at all. There’s a linear vibration unit called the Taptic Engine which jolts when you apply pressure to the button.

For users of the iPhone who long for the click, you can set the taptic feedback to one of 3 settings to give you a stronger and more forceful click. It may not seem much of an adjustment but the new, more stable button appears to be an issue for some traditional iPhone users. It will certainly take some getting used to,

The iPhone 7 display also features a wider range of colors. This is evident when you start using the integrated camera. Colors are more vivid, crisp and sharper in detail.

The iPhone 7 also includes 2 speakers; one at the bottom and the second one integrated into the earpiece. Audio is much louder; clearer and generally much improved. You can comfortably watch videos and conference calls will be more productive.

The Headphone and AirPods

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounding the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack. According to Apple, they had to remove the headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 more water- resistant and to make more space for the dual camera feature.

In its place is a Lightning connector with a 3.5mm dongle so you can use your traditional earpods. But you cannot listen to music while charging the iPhone. It’s a small price to pay for waterproofing and a new, amazing camera.

However, the removal of the headphone jack could also signal Apple’s entry into the wireless headset market. It has released the Apple AirPods, it’s first wireless headset to coincide with the iPhone 7.

What will you get for the $160 Air Pods? You really can’t compare the sound quality of wireless to wired headsets. Music theory states that everything sounds better when all the component pieces are connected to the instrument. The same holds true for headsets.

But it still provides good quality sound and is more affordable than other wireless headsets that go over $250.


You can probably read every Apple iPhone 7 review out there and the consensus should be the same. This is the best camera phone in the industry bar none. Apple has always held the reputation since the iPhone 4. It has taken it to another level with the iPhone 7.

  • Dual lens system; a f/1.8 28mm wide angle lens and an f/2.8 56mm telephoto lens that operate simultaneously. The possibilities appear endless with these 2 lenses.
  • Optical image stabilization
  • True Tone Flash
  • Front camera has a new 7- megapixel sensor; an upgrade to the 5- megapixel unit in the iPhone 6S

Overall, the iPhone 7’s improvements on the camera is worth the price. It has redefined mobile photography and is a wonderful upgrade for budding photographers.


The iPhone 7 has the new A10 Fusion Chip which feature 4 cores: 2 high performance cores and 2 low power cores that use less batter while doing everyday tasks.

It’s marketed by Apple as faster than the A9X in the iPad Pro but in our review, you’ll really need to push it to the max and work it hard to see the difference.

The iOS 10 is Apple’s most welcome update in recent memory. It comes with a new version of iMessage and Siri that can be extended by third party apps. There is much improved integration with smart home devices and a better Control Center plus a whole new treasure trove of discoveries you will seriously enjoy.

The Verdict

The iPhone 7 is a great phone and presents dynamic new innovations from the people at Apple. The water- resistant feature, dual camera and more powerful processor makes the absence of a headphone jack easily forgivable.

The iPhone 7 retails as follows:

  • $649 – 32GB
  • $849 – 256GB

Prices of the iPhone 7 in India are expected to be more expensive due to foreign exchange issues.

The iPhone 7 will definitely keep every iOS platform user satisfied while waiting for word on the Apple iPhone 8 release date in 2017.

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