1Password New Updated Now Allows Teams To Share Sensitive Information Securely

In recent years 1Password has introduced functions aimed at sharing the vaults, thus, that a group of people can share sensitive information securely.
Atlassian, the company responsible for 1Password stresses that companies like NASA or Atlassian already using these functions, but recognizing that their users demanded more control, easier to create and share vaults and easier registration system to them. The response of the developers was to create 1Password for equipment.

1Password for teams :

1Password for teams started under the same assumptions that 1Password: safety and convenience. To this end,for sharing the most important information, Agilebits designed an administration panel.

The Computer Management panel allows you to manage the team, the vaults and the team.
The main improvement is to invite all members to join from the panel can even be automated with a generated link.
The team vaults will appear on all member devices without having to perform additional steps or sync.
A larger on each member password and enable control. For example, you can allow login is done but the password is not displayed.
Security are the foundations of 1Password, and Agilebits sure everything is encrypted on customers and they do not have those keys. The keys are generated locally and all data is encrypted from point to point.