15 Most Common WhatsApp Problems And Their Solutions

Despite its dubious safety, that sometimes leaves us hanging and even the fact that there are many alternatives, still WhatsApp remains the ultimate messaging application. The vast majority are satisfied with its performance and we were outraged every time there is an error in the service. That we will discuss today in this 15 most common problems and their solutions WhatsApp.

1. Unlock WhatsApp using VPN

Following the decision by a Brazilian court to close WhatsApp, several countries have suffered side effects and does not work WhatsApp. This solution applies to unlock the application, simply by using VPN. We must be careful and not trust anyone in this regard, but you can take a look at this article where we explain how to fix this block with an application.

Here is the solution : How To Unblock WhatsApp Using VPN Technique

2. I do not receive the activation code

We get a smartphone and the first thing we do is download WhatsApp. But once the application is installed and introduced the new phone number, we do not get the activation code. Its “Frustration” right ?
The problem may be that, we wrote the number incorrectly and also we have repeated the country code, which already is automatically added. If by mistake, the application has detected that we are in Russia, we can always change it. It is best to remain calm and repeat the process with more attention. It is also important that we ensure that the provided number does not already have an account opened on WhatsApp. Normally the program will automatically close one account, so we can only use the service on a smartphone. This may be a reason why we do not receive the code.

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3. How can I keep my conversations, after changing the device ?

The first thing to do is save your conversations on the old device.

  • To do this, open WhatsApp, click on the Menu button (can be a capacitive key on your smartphone or found within the application on top) -> Settings -> Chat Settings -> Save conversation.
  • Conversations may be saved directly to microSD card, so you only need to insert the card into the new device, install the application and select Restore.


To ensure that once we have saved conversations, you have to connect your new smartphone to your computer and move the file to the desktop. Now you just have to transfer that folder to your new smartphone, which should already have WhatsApp installed (but not open!). The next step will be to move the file to the folder Databases WhatsApp.

4. How do I change my phone number?

Got a new number and want to change your phone number. In that case, the procedure is very simple. Just follow these steps: Menu -> Settings -> Account Info -> Change number. A window will open. In it you have to first enter your old number and then the new one. When you have finished click Done.

It is important to note that this process eliminates the linked account to your old number, in order that your contacts do not have duplicate, and on the other hand, it also automatically transfers the payment status, groups, profile and the history of your conversations.

5. Unknown Numbers/Contacts.

WhatsApp automatically adds contacts provided that are previously stored in the phone-book of your smartphone. However, if a particular contact is not listed, please note the following. First check that this person is a WhatsApp user. Secondly, make sure you have kept good number. Like the country code needed to register our numbers, when store numbers will also need to include the +91, in the case of india, or any other combination if our friend abroad.

Once you have verified that the number is correctly registered in your smartphone, open WhatsApp and go to the contacts list, for this you have to click on the icon in the upper right corner with a message. Now you only have to update the list by pressing the Menu -> Update.

6. What do I do if my phone is stolen or lost?

Faced with these situations, the first step is always lock your SIM. This can be done by your operator. Thus, the service will run on the first phone and can reactivate in our new smartphone with the same number. Remember that you can only activate one account of WhatsApp with a phone number.

If the account activation takes a while, you should turn it off, because the service continues to operate with WiFi. To do so, send an email to support@whatsapp.com with your phone number (complete with the included prefix).
Your account will remain disabled for 30 days. At that time, the messages you write your contacts are saved to be sent at the time to reactivate the account. If not active in that period of time, your account will be deleted.

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7. Can I install WhatsApp on a tablet?

Yes, it is possible, but the problem is that WhatsApp is not fully designed for tablets. There is a method to make this application work on tablets, but as i have seen, the result is not satisfactory in 100% of cases. If you want to install, here i provide you the tutorial on how to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet.

8. I cannot send or receive messages, whats the problem?

One of the worst problems that can happen is losing the connection or WhatsApp fall leaving us adrift. In most cases it can simply happen due to our data or WiFi connection is not working properly. On this subject we wrote at the time, so you only have to read this article to know the possible reasons and how to fix it.

9. How do I retrieve my deleted messages

If you are of those who keep memories, and don’t want WhatsApp conversations that are very valuable and doesn’t want to lose them. A deleted message is very difficult to recover, since, they are not stored on the servers. Despite this, it seems that there are methods to recover deleted messages.backup restore

WhatsApp every 24 hours makes an automatic backup. So we’ll just keep that backup in your microSD memory card. We now proceed to uninstall and reinstall the application. In doing so, the application will warn us that there is a backup. Now you just have to click “Restore”.

10. How to share any type of file

Many of you noticed that WhatsApp can only share photos, videos, audio, location and contacts. Natively we can not share other file types, such as a PDF, but we can get it through another application. We will recommend the file sharing application or using telegram, hike also can take a look at my list of complementary applications WhatsApp, where you will find more useful options.

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11. How do I know if someone has blocked me

The big question on WhatsApp specially for those irritating  people. There are several facts that help us figure out if the concerned person  has blocked us or not. The main thing is that information about ULT no longer appear to us. (time or online). We can also see updates your profile picture, and finally, we send all messages to that contact will remain with a single check.


Of course, these signs are not entirely absolute. I mean, if one or more of these cases may also be due to other reasons. For example

  • Last Update not appear. or online time: Can this person have set deactivation Last Online.
  • Updates profile picture: they may simply not often change the profile picture.
  • Single check: Can your smartphone has been stolen or has stopped working and have the disabled account.

Now if you want to block someone, you only have to go to Settings -> Account Info -> Privacy -> Blocked.

12. Why are duplicated images sent and how I can help?

The explanation is that WhatsApp program takes the original image and compresses it. This form can be sent more quickly, but is duplicated. This second copy is of lower quality than the original. The downside is that it creates a copy of the image each time it is sent. So, if you send the same picture 10 times, in the end we will have 11 copies of it in our gallery (the original and the rest sent).

As a solution you can create an empty file called .nomedia in the picture folder WhatsApp. So, when we open the Gallery will not appear, but will also lose access to those images that our contacts send to us.

13. Can you trust chain messages?

As a general rule no. This issue is one of the most dangerous part of the application, since in most cases it involves phishing practices and data packet hijacking. For more information on chain messages you recommend this article where we talk about some examples.

14. I run multiple duplicate contacts

Well one of the latest updates from WhatsApp has removed this problem, but I know firsthand that there are still cases of duplicate contacts. The problem is basically because we have same contact twice in our address book. Sometimes it happens that we already have a contact but some other person sends us the same contact with other name or even with the same name and hence duplicate contacts are created.

15. How do I know if WhatsApp is down or my network failure

We have all experienced a failure in the network of WhatsApp which makes us wonder, is it my problem or WhatsApp? The best way to find out  is open browser and reload some page and obviously it would be google.com, if it doesn’t reload you have a network problem.

Bonus: I’m addicted to WhatsApp, what do I do?

Unfortunately, you only can solve this problem. If you consider yourself addicted to this application, it can help you meet your business goals and whether you use it or you abuse WhatsApp. To know your whatsapp usage patterns and analyze who do you talk to, I recommend you the WhatStat application that will provide information on the number of messages you write and receive so you know when to increase your activity.