15 Best Free File Sharing Websites To Share Large Files Online

Since the arrival of email services, the exchange of documents between users has become more widespread. Surely there are many instances when you have needed to send one or more large files by mail, but you can’t because it exceeds the possibilities of e-mail, you need alternatives, services that allow you to upload files to share. In both cases we need a good bandwidth rise if the file size is large, otherwise it will take long to upload the file you want to send.

With the rise of the cloud technology, the new collaborative needs and increased file sizes have become popular alternative services like Dropbox or Google Drive offer more storage and the ability to send large files. However, security and privacy risks involved storing files on a private server have led to alternative services enabling the exchange of files of unlimited size in a fast, simple and safer for the user. We will see more of the services that allow you to send large files conveniently. File Sharing Websites

Top 15 Alternative File Sharing Websites For Dropbox and GoogleDrive

1 DropSend :

DropSend is a service that allows us to send files up to 2 GB in its free plan with a limit of 5 submissions per month. It added the 256 bit AES encryption ability and desktop clients available for Windows and an iPhone application. It is most useful to the business world than for the general user.

2 Filedropper :

top-filesharing-services-filedropper-serviceFiledropper is another  File Sharing Website which makes it easy to share files up to 5 GB without registration. Simply upload the files to the service so that we generate the link to share. Paid versions available that allow us to upload files up to 50 GB and 250 depending on the option chosen. Files remain in service until within 30 calendar days without anyone having downloaded them.

3. Filling :

top-filesharing-services-filetea (2)

Filling is another resource at your fingertips if you need to send large files without worrying about the privacy and security of cloud storage. This service allows you to upload one or more files at once for a total of 10 GB with a free account and then share the download link through social networks or messaging clients.
Unlike the other services that we have seen so far, only uploads to store up to seven days files, more than enough to share with other users and leave no trace once the deadline. Instead, premium members have added other advantages as no waiting times for uploading files, faster transfer and storage of documents indefinitely.

4 Fillet :

top-filesharing-services-filetea (1)

Fillet tool is a very interesting service since it has no file size limit. Just what it does is facilitate communication between the computer you are transferring files and receiver. Simply drag and drop files in its interface to start sharing, since at this time we already generates a link to the file to send to those you want to share files. File Sharing Website

5 Files To Friends :


This service to send large files allows you to send files to your friends up to 1 GB capacity. It is very easy to use, with a tool upload files very well done.

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6 Infinite :


Infinity is one of the services to send large and heavy most interesting and complete in its class files. This platform, available for Mac and Windows operating systems, bases its technology on the potential of P2P networks for the direct exchange of files between users completely free of charge and without restriction as to size. Along with a higher speed transfer, P2P technology ensures total privacy of service, which dispenses with the intermediate storage and servers step, prevents eavesdropping of our data by organizations like the NSA. File Sharing Websites

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Of course, this service requires prior installation of your application and create an account, however has no size limit on sending files or the number of people with whom I share it. If the receiver uses the application file, sending is performed similarly to a courier. But if the receiver does not have the software, the application generates a link to download directly via e-mail or a public URL to share through social networks

7 JustBeamIt :


JustBeamIt, an interesting service for sending and downloading of large files based on P2P technology. Available both as a mobile web version, stands out not to need any registration for its usability and to allow sending files with unlimited size. The only drawback is that links have limited validity to 10 minutes in the case of the web version, is required to keep the browser open and the transfer is done directly without going through any intermediate server.

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For the web version is as simple as dragging the file to the browser to start up and get a direct download link www.justbeamit.com/XXXXX the type which you can then share via email. However, the advantage of the app is that you do not need access to the browser to start downloading. Simply enter the code generated at the end of link to start the download and save the file in the “Downloads” folder on your computer. File Sharing Websites

8 Large document :


Large Document is a service that is still in beta. It allows you to upload files up to 2 GB if your computer is running 32-bit operating system and up to 8 GB if you do it 64 bits. No need to pre-register and once uploaded the file creates a link to share will be available for 2 weeks. We can use it in conjunction with Gmail Labs by and is also available on Android.

9 MediaFire :


MediaFire is a free  File Sharing Website platform log files. Just share the web page that allows the exchange of files up to 100MB in size. There are options to upgrade to a larger storage capacity. You will have 10 GB available with the free account and will be free of advertising.

10 Megatox :


Although this application requires registration for free to dispose of up to 1,000 GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth, you can transfer files with a maximum size of 99 GB. In addition, Megatox synchronizes the stored files between different devices which have installed application, whether phones, tablets or desktop computers.

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The high speed file transfer and the ability to send files with sizes above 50 Gb at no cost, make it an excellent alternative. However, dependence on company servers for storing data in the cloud is important for those who prioritize other aspects such as security and privacy of documents stored in the account handicap.

11 PlusTransfer :


Another  File Sharing Website alternative for sending large files is PlusTransfer application it is a tool with which you can send files up to 2.1 GB of completely free, without registration and forms. Perhaps most interesting is the excellent speed of loading files, usability and unlimited use of the service.

Simply select the files you want to send, attach a text message, if necessary, indicate the email address of the recipient of the file and ready. So easy and simple.

12 Sendspace :


Since its launch in 2005, Sendspace has been responsible for sending millions of files a week. Each file is tracked so that if lost in the abyss of the Internet, makes every effort to find him.

13 Senduit :


Senduit is very easy to use. You just have to upload the document through the website and will send a private URL to share your file. You can also set a deadline for download.

14 WeTransfer :

top-filesharing-services-wikisend (2)

Wetransfer is a  file sharing websites service that works very well. It lets you upload files up to 2 GB and needs no registration.  If the person to whom we should send the file is not familiar with English and may cost you know where to link or follow the instructions to download the file from other services.

15 WikiSend :

top-filesharing-services-wikisend (1)

WikiSend is a file sharing websites service for sharing large files. Just upload the file and returns you a unique URL to access the file. The files will be accessible for 7 days to download as many times as you need.

What is your favorite service for sending large files? I look forward to reading your comment and share my article on your favorite social networks.