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10 iOS 7 Features an iphone User Should Know

I think ios7 is the best as this new version of iOS firmware, offers some best and much useful features like contact blocker, Audio only FaceTime call and features like call blocker, live wallpapers with new features of iOS, it’s integrated within the phone itself. Earlier only after installing Cydia on your iPhone these features were possible but not now so i start this post i recommend you to update to iOS7.


Only reason we end up jailbreaking your iPhone is to enjoy more freedom in terms of getting more features. Before iOS7, Sbsettings was a great Cydia hack but with iOS7, you can simply ignore jailbreaking your iphone.

So here i present you with some of the notable features of ios7 which every Apple lover should know.

1)Messages have timestamps with it

The thing that makes many apple users annoyed of is Messages in iOS lacked timestamps(time of the received or sent) in your messages. iOS 7 has improved on that and now you can check what time each message was sent or received. Only thing you need to do is swipe over from the right side of the chatt to see the timestamps.

2)Use Siri to handle your calls

Siri can now be your own personal secretary i consider this my jarvis ;)(The charecter from ironman). You can have her play your voicemails, or call back a contact whose call you just missed. Don’t like Siri as a girl? not a problem just change it to a more masculine voice by going to Settings.

3)Make audio-only FaceTime calls

This one saves a lot of cellular minutes you can remove the face out of FaceTime when you make calls to other iOS users. There are now two options when making calls. Just click on the phone icon to call your friends without having to show your face.  This is best for those who are on limited data plans, and are using Facetime for making calls, as audio only Facetime call will consume less data as mentioned earlier.

4)Folders can hold as many apps as you want

Apple has changed the limits on the number of apps per folder in iOS 7 now you can put as many apps as you can in one folder and if at all you want you can put “all of your apps in one folder”. isn’t it nice to have a clean home screen.

5)Let the App Store update your apps for you

In previous iOS  versions , you had to manually go to App Store just to update your apps. Miss updating a few days, and you’d find yourself having to update more than 10 apps at once. Now with iOS 7, you can set the App Store to auto-update every app and to turn off updating when using cellular data.

6)Wipe your device after many failed attempts

To protect your data, iOS 7 now has an option to Erase Data after 10 failed password attempts.

7)Now maps can be see on night mode

Who wants a blinding white light while driving? so Apple Maps now automatically adjusts the map interface to darken based on the time of day. You don’t even have to turn anything on or off.

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8)You can stop Apple from tracking  your movements

Did you know that Apple had introduced ad tracking back in iOS 6? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. It was supposed to track your browsing activity in order to send targeted ads to your phone. But now you can disable tracking if you want to, right under the Privacy settings.

9)Block unwanted callers and messages

Now you can start blocking all those annoying callers and messages on your phone. iOS 7 now lets you block a contact from calling you or sending you messages. You can block a contactin simple way go to Contact Details and click on Block this Caller.You can also easily manage blocked messages just go to messages under Settings and click Blocked callers. This is applicable to both iMessages and FaceTime.

10)Spirit level is present in Compass App

Your iPhone can now double as a tool with the built-in spirit level. Swipe to the second page where you’ll find a minimalist bubble level surface that you can use. Just line it up until you get a balanced zero degrees, which means everything’s all straight.

Have you updated your iOS, or are you still in a dilemma there are a lot of hidden features in iOS 7, and these are just some of them. If you know of any other iOS7 features that we missed,feel free to comment and let us know .

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