10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives For Your PC

Sometimes we need to connect remotely to another computer, either a friend or family member who needs our help to resolve a doubt. In those scenarios we have two options. The first is that the person on the phone to tell us what they see on screen and we will guide them. The other is to connect there computer to see directly what appears on screen and, if necessary, take control remotely. We will make some of the alternatives we have to connect to another computer remotely.

Teamviewer And The Best Alternatives To Control Computer Remotely :

teamviewerTeamViewer offers complete remote support without installation by the person or customer who will receive it. This makes it very simple to use. It is free for non-commercial use. It also offers solutions for various issues such as online meetings, presentations, training sessions, remote maintenance, spontaneous support, access to unattended computers or connect to your office computer from home. And all this without having to open ports on the router, NAT touch tables or worry about the firewall for communication. And all this with a good performance, with pretty good speed transmission makes the support easy to perform.

1. Joinme – one of the simplest options to use.

joinmeJoinme is also very simple option to use with which several people can be connected to a single computer and pass control of it from one to another. To use it, we need to download a small executable on the computer you want to share. In this case, we provided a numerical code which will have to enter the other people who want to access it, up to a maximum of 10 in the free version.

With the free version, you can share the screen, transfer files, assign the role of presenter to another person with whom we share conference calls via VoIP or computer cede control to others. Then we have the option of moving to payment plans that extend functionality. It works fast and well, as negative we could say that the installation of the initial application, we just have to run once could be faster and unattended.

2.Ammyy Admin – one of the most used software

Ammyy AdminAmmyy Admin is another alternative most used and easier to implement. It does not require administrator privileges to run. Its configuration is simple and the need to install client that is easy to configure. Flexible enough for all kinds of connections, whether within the same LAN as if they are running between two computers on different networks. It is transparent for firewalls, so it should not be a problem antivirus solutions that have installed on them. We may have stored multiple connections, so it is perfect if you access to other computers on a regular basis. Control equipment, including file transfer or online presentations are some of their profits.

3.TightVNC – perfect to access a network regularly

TightVNCTightVNC is one of the simplest ways to connect to another computer within the same network or if we have access through the public IP of it and have opened the ports on the router options. Thus we have a very good option to access the computer remotely, either in our business, in the office or simply have access to computers within a network. We can configure it to take remote control without the user being present to authorize such access.

VNC is open source, so it is easy to find customers to connect through tablets or smartphones, which can take us more than a pinch if we have to connect remotely to solve a problem in a given time. We can access computers with both Windows and Mac or Linux.

4.ShowMyPC – for all platforms

ShowMyPCIn this case, ShowMyPC offers a very flexible solution for remote connection. It offers an optimized solution for Windows computers, but to access others who use Linux or Mac is an application designed to work with the use of Java solution, although it is true that it is a little slower than that used by teams of Microsoft. The usual features are a program of this type. It is free for home use and for enterprise networks offers payment plans with access to more equipment and advanced functionality.

5.Microsoft Remote Desktop – To connect from a smartphone or tablet

Microsoft Remote DesktopThis is the application that has Microsoft for access from Android devices and iOS that allows access and control our Windows computers. Just activate the option of remote support in our team and accessed by the client to the IP device. The main advantage is that you need not install anything on the client computer, and inconvenience that we often have to modify Ip, router ports, etc. For a point connection can be somewhat complicated.

6.Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote Desktop is another alternative from Google, which allows access through both the browser from your application to Android. It is designed primarily to support computers with Google Chrome OS. We have to be administrators of the computer and install the browser extension. We also have to configure the app with a PIN that we put and enable remote assistance. With that our team would be already accessible in this way, which is very convenient to use.


MikogoMikogo we have already spoken several times in Annex M. This is a solution designed for online presentation for remote control or support. It noted for its features, designed to shine this aspect of the presentations and demonstrations online. In fact, if all you want is to visualize and take the remote control is too complicated, especially for users with less knowledge that are most in need of assistance.


Another application that stands out for its good performance is Splashtop Remote Desktop. It is free for noncommercial use and can take control of up to five devices. This way you can access your computer, transfer files between devices, etc. Its limitation is that the free version only works on the local network.

This is the only remote desktop application that transmits screen PC or Mac on your Android smartphone with high resolution video and audio, allowing you to interact with applications, games and multimedia content via Wi-Fi / 3G-4G .

Some cool features are, one-click access to your computer desktop with minimal configuration. Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer – supports Windows 7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X 10.6 + (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users). The application automatically searches the local teams, or access your Gmail account on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet.


LogMeInGet secure access anytime, anywhere to your computers from your Android device. Remotely access your PC and Mac with LogMeIn for Android. It works with a subscription account LogMeIn Pro on your computer, which also includes access from your desktop and web browser, so you always have everything you need at your fingertips.

Access your files, data and applications and perform your tasks.Access your computers at home and work from anywhere, access files from their computers and edit them from your Android device. Run application on your computer remotely from your Android device.

It is vital for many users to access their machines from another location using a remote access software, for example to support without having to be physically using that machine, or to check the status of a process that is running there. LogMeIn, in its free form, used to be enough, offering the right (which ended up being enough for home use).

LogMeIn Free on 28 disappeared completely in favor of their paid subscriptions, and all users who do not pass through box should do if they want to continue using that service. We know that many are not willing to do so, and prefer to seek other alternatives. Therefore I propose five software alternatives for remote access.


WebExCisco’s WebEx is more than just for conducting meetings. This free and premium tool lets you remotely connect with people based on different systems through the free mobile or desktop applications. These remote desktop setups albeit have to be an attended one on the other side. The one hosting the meeting could share his desktop and choose to pass over the control of mouse and keyboard to other presenters. Sharing files, chat and face-to-face live interaction are also capable with this tool.

It is useful if you need is simply to organize small online meetings with video conferencing and screen sharing. But you can also add specific features for web seminars, training or remote support. You can use them in turn to organize global online meetings with integrated audio to join possible through multiple telepresence and video systems. Or personal meeting rooms with video. Cisco WebEx products include everything

Some features are Video conferencing, Markup tools, Recording meetings, Free mobile apps, Scheduling in Outlook, Password protected messages, etc.


So these are some of the best screen sharing alternatives for Teamviewer. Hope you liked this compilation also would like to hear from you and feel free to let me know what you think about these softwares and if you think there are some more software i missed let me know :).